Cloud and Mobile Device Storage Management

Increase the capacity of mobile devices by predicatively moving less frequently used applications and application content to a personal device cloud.

Intelligent Offload of Applications to a Device Cloud

Mobile Devices can become filled with applications, some that are used frequently and others that are not. This can result in a substantial consumption of the mobile device’s physical storage capacity by applications and content that is rarely utilized. Smart Mobile enables intelligent synchronization between a mobile device and a private device specific cloud to increase the usable capacity of the mobile device.

Predictively and Dynamically Increase the Storage Capacity of Mobile Devices

The platform tracks usage of applications and file types to determine which applications are likely to be used. Content may be seamlessly moved to the cloud based on a predictive usage model.

Selective Cloud Upload

While infrequently used applications and content from the mobile device may be moved to a private cloud, the device may still maintain an icon or link to the application on the mobile device for a more seamless experience.

Search Across the Device and Cloud

Files and applications that are stored on the device and in the cloud may be searched seamlessly from the device itself.

Transfer Data

The intelligent movement of application data may be facilitated on secured networks.

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